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        Triathlon/Time Trial

        Felt Bicycles IA Advanced Ultegra Di2

        The Felt IA2 might be the rolling definition of an "unfair advantage".

        Above 30kph -about 18mph in old money- a rider spends about half their energy just pushing through the air. That's also assuming that the air is completely still. When a headwind comes into play, riding faster gets even harder. Why not let the bike help to reduce the workload? The Felt IA2 is designed to do exactly that. In fact, the IA2 is so good at cleaving the air like a hot cinder through jell-o, the Tour de France wouldn't allow it in a time trial! Triathlons, however, are not limited by such rulebooks. Felt knew they could let their design staff run wild, and this is some of their best work to help you go faster.

        Engineering and developing aerodynamic speed machines takes technology and know-how, and Felt has plenty of both. Felt's own UHC Advanced carbon fiber is used throughout the frame and fully-carbon fiber fork, bringing an outstanding stength-to-weight ratio to every mile. Computational Fluid Dynamics software -or CFD- is used to perfect the frame and fork shape of the IA2 before a single plastic mock-up is sent to the wind tunnel. Once the shape has been refined, prototypes are sent to Felt's professional athletes and put through the meat grinder of the pro triathlon circuit. Triathletes riding Felt IA series of triathlon bicycles are undefeated at Kona as of 2019, allowing them to give valuable feedback to Felt's design team. Felt's UHC Advanced carbon fiber is a "recipe" of different raw forms of carbon fiber to bring feather-lightness, high torsional strength, and a smooth ride quality to the IA2.

        The details make all the difference when seconds count, and the IA2 has them covered. Flat-mount disc brake calipers and internal cable routing offer a super-sleek profile to the wind, while a press-fit bottom bracket anchors the crankset for flex-free power delivery. Integrated top tube storage for gels or even a smartwatch makes yet another aspect of race day hassle-free. Deep fork blades and a blended fork crown help manage air turbulence effectively, making the deep-chord down tube work even better at high speeds.

        Drivetrain duties are handled by Shimano's revolutionary Ultegra Di2 electronic component group. Instead of cables and housing, servo motors move the derailleurs with lightning-quickness. So quick, in fact, it even prolongs the lifespan of the chain. Shifter buttons are found at the end of the aero extensions and the end of the right brake lever. With more than one position to operate the drivetrain, the rider can shift while standing out of the saddle. Just try that with bar-end mechanical shifters! Shimano Ultegra front and rear derailleurs are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery submerged inside the seat tube. Charging is done at the junction box at the IA2's head tube. Time between recharges is usually between 900-1000 miles. A Shimano Ultegra 52/36T alloy crankset and 11-28T Ultegra cassette adds a wide gearing range for challenging high-speed courses and fast bike splits.

        Deep-section carbon fiber Reynolds AR58/62 wheels cleave the air better than shallow alloy hoops, and are lighter to boot. The front AR rim is 58mm deep, while the rear rim is a deeper 62mm. The deeper the rim cross-section, the lower the drag. 700x25c Continental Grand Sport Race tires keep rolling resistance low as well. Handling speed control duties is a set of TRP hydraulic disc brakes, featuring 140mm rotors that boasts excellent stopping power in all conditions, rain or shine. The IA2's ISM PS1.0 saddle is padded for comfort when the rider is in an aggressive position during extreme efforts. It sits atop a wing-shaped UHC Advanced carbon fiber seatpost/mast that reduces the crossing of turbulence from left to right, keeping the air managed more effectively. The base bar is installed on a direct-mount stem, adding torsional strength when pedaling out of the saddle. The aero extensions and forearm pads are also adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for short distance events to long-course IronMan races.

        A Shimano charging cable is included with the purchase of this bicycle.

        Trek Speed Concept
        $4,200.00 - $4,700.00

        When the chips are down, and you're in the biggest event of the season, you want a bike that won't hold you back.

        The Trek Speed Concept was built to dominate different disciplines, not just a Tour de France prologue or the Kona coast. Trek brought its finest engineers and computing power together to make the Speed Concept slice through the wind better than anything built today. The Speed Concept's main purpose is to keep aerodynamic drag as low as possible while still complying with the UCI's frame shape regulations for time trial bicycles. The Speed Concept's aerodynamic Kammtail frame shape was proven back in the 70's at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, when long-tail racing cars needed to cope with dangerous crosswinds at over 200mph. The truncated trailing edge of the frame's tubes fools the air, keeping drag numbers low without the extra weight of a full airfoil cross-section that is easily tossed around in crosswinds. Trek used Computational Fluid Dynamic software to dial in the exact Kammtail shape for light weight and torsional strength, not just a clever aerodynamic profile. When the Speed Concept prototype went into the wind tunnel, it confirmed to Trek that it could be useful for any athlete racing alone against the watch. When pedaling, the turbulence created by the rider's legs can be a major drag problem that can negate all the work done by the engineers. When the "fill-ins" around the seat tube/top tube juncture and bottom bracket were added, there was a major drag reduction compared to the last generation of the Speed Concept. Even the new brake-boosting Speed Fin on the bottom bracket helps manage the airflow laterally, preparing the air to be sliced by the rear wheel.

        The Speed Concept's Kammtail Virtual Foil -or KVF- frame shape isn't the only thing that Trek can brag about; the OCLV carbon fiber material makes the bike incredibly light for such a refined aero machine. Trek uses their 500 Series OCLV carbon fiber to not only make the Speed Concept lightweight and strong, but also enhance the ride quality by using different layering to take the edge off rough pavement. A harsh-riding bike will tire a triathlete prematurely, and a time trial racer might make mistakes in the closing miles when seconds count. Internal cable routing through the aerobars and stem give the Speed Concept the cleanest profile of any TT/Tri bike in the industry. All that might lead a rider to belive its a hard bike to fit, but Trek offers plenty of sizes in integrated direct-mount stems and aero bar mounts. From an aggressive "prologue" TT fit, to a more upright Ironman fit for the less flexible among us, the Speed Concept can accommodate more riders with a wider range of flexibilities.

        The details found on the Speed Concept add to the bike's excellent aerodynamic performance. Hidden brake calipers and internal brake cables reduce drag around the upper half of the frame, while a reverseable aero seat post helps with a wide range of fit positions. An aperture in the left chainstay allows the installation of a DuoTrap speed/cadence sensor (sold separately) without the use of clumsy zip-ties. Mounts for a Draft Box accessory box at the back of the seat tube keep a repair kit and tubes tucked out of the wind, while similar mounts for a gel-storing Speed Box on the top tube keep the bike's aero profile equally preserved (storage accessories sold separately)

        The components on the Speed Concept needed to be able to keep up with the cutting-edge frameset, so Trek chose Shimano's updated 8000-series Ultegra component group. Many of the improvements are obvious, such as the Shadow-format rear derailleur that hides out of the wind better than most rear mechs. The flatter profile of the 50/34T compact Ultegra crankset helps improve aero numbers, and yet torsional rigidity is increased over the previous generation. Even the front derailleur requires less hand strength to operate. The front derailleur's steel cage adds to the shift response and is much more durable than aluminum. An 11-28T 11-speed Ultegra cassette boasts a huge gearing range for roller-coaster courses. Shimano Dura-Ace bar-end shifters bring fingertip operation to the Speed Concept as well. Bontrager's Race Lite aero levers help cut through the air with a low-profile shape and feel better in the hands than aero-focused sharp-edged levers.

        Bontrager also brought an aerodynamic advantage to the Speed Concept with an excellent high-performance wheelset. Bontrager's Aeolus Comp composite carbon fiber wheels boast an aluminum brake track, ensuring a predictable feel in wet and messy conditions. The wheels are tubeless-ready, allowing the user to eliminate the inner tubes that actually increase rolling resistance in the tube/tire combination. The ability of the sealent to deal with minor punctures is also a nice bonus on race day. Bladed aero spokes help cut aero drag further. T

        Trek Speed Concept Women's
        $4,199.00 $4,699.00 11% Off
        Speed Concept Women's is a lot of things, but above all, it’s fast. It's our most aerodynamic bike, which makes it an ideal triathlon bike and a great choice for TT enthusiasts who know every second matters. Plus, it's an exceptional value: adjustability, integration, customization options, carbon aero wheels, and an 11-speed drivetrain—all in a super aero bike built for flat-out speed. It's right for you if... You're out to win, and you're looking for the aero advantage other triathlon bikes simply can't provide. You understand fit is a crucial part of going fast, and you want a bike that's infinitely customizable to your perfect aero position. The tech you get A lightweight 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame, drag-reducing Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) tube shaping, full Shimano Ultegra 11-speed drivetrain with Dura-Ace bar end shifters, fully integrated handlebar and stem, Bontrager Hilo Comp triathlon-specific saddle for an aggressive and aero position, and aerodynamic Bontrager Aeolus 5 Comp TLR wheels. The final word When you ride Speed Concept, you're gonna go fast. A lightweight carbon frame, aero tube shaping, carbon wheels, and an 11-speed Shimano Ultegra drivetrain mean speed and efficiency where it counts. Triathletes, time trialists, general speed demons—this one's for you. Why you'll love it - It's a triathlon superbike that's proven to be the fastest in the wind tunnel - PRs are for breaking, and Speed Concept is the bike designed to put you closer to whatever goal you've set for yourself, whether that's a faster bike split or a new speed record - Make it yours: it's fully customizable through Project One - Speed Concept is easy to adjust and comes in an extended size range, which means every rider can find their fastest, most dialed fit - Easy build, easy travel: fast assembly makes it easier to travel to races
        Felt Bicycles IA Advanced 105
        Our very first bike was made for one of the greatest triathletes in history—Paula Newby-Fraser—who rode her stealth black Felt B2 to multiple world championship victories. Since then, we've never stopped pursuing the ideal triathlon racing machine. The IA is the culmination of 30 years of iterative design and painstaking development, and its results at the highest level of competition speak for themselves. So we can tell you that the IA is the most aerodynamic bike in the world. We can also say that it's the best-handling triathlon bike on the planet. But what we should really mention is that the IA won the Kona World Championship a staggering six times in a row, and it holds both bike and overall course records across the lava fields of Hawaii. So, really, what else do you need to know? IA Advanced 105 The most aerodynamically efficient carbon frame with Shimano's no-nonsense 105 group. - Shimano 105 mechanical groupset - Hydraulic disc brakes - Devox WheelRDS.A1 with Shimano hubs
        Felt Bicycles IA Advanced Rim Brake 105
        The IA Advanced Rim Brake provides the gateway to the illustrious IA Series. Winner of Ironman Kona for 5 of the past 6 years, the IA rim bike platform is perfect for your training and fully dialed for the race day performance you want to deliver. For model year 2020, we've brought the amazing quality and top-notch materials of the IA single-digit bikes to the entire IA series line-up. This means that for the first time ever, the IA Advanced gets a full Textreme frameset that is lighter, strong, and more performance-tuned at a never-before-seen price point. Complementing the bike is a Shimano 105 groupset, ISM saddle, and the addition of the BTS storage pack to truly position you for your next big race or to start your adventure in triathlon.
        Felt Bicycles B Performance Ultegra Mix
        The B is one of the most legendary badges in triathlon history and has long reigned as a symbol of the blood, sweat, and tears shed by the most devoted triathletes, as well as the dedication put into every single one of our bikes. Whether you’re just starting on your journey into the world of triathlon or you’re a multi-sport veteran, the B Performance race bike is for you. Buy it if: You want a carbon bike designed exclusively for triathlon, and one that perfectly blends endless fit adjustability, real-world usability, and the aerodynamic efficiency for which all Felt bikes are renowned. Highlights: - Carbon fiber frame and fork - Aerodynamically optimized design - Exceptional handling and fit customization
        Felt Bicycles B14

        With the B14, Felt made sure triathlon bikes weren't the exclusive realm of professionals. Stable geometry, a smooth ride quality and very low drag make this bike a real segment-crusher! Felt built the B14's frame with their propriatary UHC Performance carbon fiber, keeping weight low while still maintaining high strength for out-of-the-saddle efforts. Tweaking the aerodynamics on the B14 isn't hard with adjustable sliding rear dropouts that allow the rear wheel to get tucked into the seat tube cutout. Internal brake and shifter cable routing keep the B14's aero numbers low as well. Two bottle mounts on the frame bring more options for hydration on a long course. The aero-shaped UHC Performance carbon fiber fork even features carbon fiber dropouts, further lightening the chassis.

        The B14 is armed with Shimano's latest 11-speed Ultegra R8000-series derailleurs and MicroShift bar-end shifters, making for smooth operation in the heat of competition. The rear derailleur is even tucked in to escape the wind better! An 11-28T Shimano 11-speed casssette is paired with an FSA Omega 50/34T crankset, offering a massive gearing range for roller-coaster bike courses. 27mm-deep tubeless-ready alloy Devox wheels are shod with 700x23c Vittoria Zaffiro Slick tires, bringing tenacious grip and a smooth feel to the bike leg. Keeping speed in check are a standard dual-pivot caliper up front and a hidden TRP brake caliper at the rear under the chainstays. Aero levers on the base bars keep braking close at hand. An aero-shaped Bayonet 3 alloy base bar and 3-way adjustable alloy aero bars can be refined for a perfect balance between comfort and aerodynamics. Topping the blade-style UHC Performance seatpost is a Prologo Nago Evo Tri40 saddle.

        Liv Avow Advanced
        $2,000.00 $2,310.00 13% Off
        Perfect fit, ease of adjustment and aerodynamics create an unstoppable trifecta in the world’s first truly women’s-specific performance triathlon bike. Avow Advanced Pro uses the latest aerodynamic and fit technologies to create a truly women’s-specific performance triathlon bike that is designed to put speed into the perfect fit. The lightweight frame is handcrafted using AeroSystem Shaping Technology and features an Advanced-grade composite layup tuned for the female rider. Engineered using Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy, the Avow Advanced Pro is a performance machine, while comfortable touch points and versatile positioning allow you to ride longer with ease. The AeroVault System keeps all the essentials in reach by integrating hydration and storage into the bike. With an aerodynamic wheel set, base bar, and AeroDrive fork, the Avow Advanced Pro is the perfect choice for the high-performance triathlete.
        Giant Trinity Advanced
        $1,600.00 $2,040.00 22% Off
        All-in aero. From sprints to Ironman, here's your aero advantage. Integrated with everything you need to score a new PR. Built with Advanced-grade composite material that’s engineered with AeroSystem Shaping Technology, this frameset improves aerodynamics in real-world triathlon conditions. Its AeroSystem Shaping means that every tube shape is designed to minimize drag no matter which direction the wind is blowing. The Contact base bar offers maximum adjustability so you can dial in your perfect position for comfort and performance. And the SpeedControl brakes offer confident control without sacrificing aerodynamics. - High-performance Advanced-grade composite frame with Trinity composite seatpost - Advanced-grade composite fork with alloy steerer - Giant SR-2 wheelset with Giant Gavia AC 1 tubeless tires - Shimano 105 11-speed mechanical componentry with Shimano BSR1 bar-end shifters - Giant SpeedControl brakes
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